Wedding at Admiral Baker Clubhouse

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Its been a while since my last blog so I figured I would take tonight and do a little blogging to start 2013 late…  but I have started again. This one has to do with a wedding at Admiral Baker Clubhouse located here in Sunny San Diego. I must say its amazingly rewarding when I have clients like these two. When I first Angelica and Josh I thought they were a wonderful couple. After our first meeting I hoped they would book and they did. Everything from the planning to the day of was awesome. They had such wonderful idea and such a creative attitude you don’t see from too many couple.

From emotional to funny they presented ideas for a ceremony that in my opinion rivals none I have seen before it and I don’t believe I will see again. Its so nice when I can have a client wrap their arms around me and say.. THANK YOU…. THANK YOU! I also have a big shout out to the photographers at True Photography for the awesome shot!

I am so glad I was able to get this picture to remember such a loving couple! I have to say for sure in my top 10 of clients that I will always remember! Congratulations to you both and I will never forget you!

Cheers, DJ Pat