We Are A Green Company

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Back in 2010 Sound Prodigy officially became a “green company”. What does that mean you ask? Basically cutting down the amount of supplies that not only I use but the client does as well. First how we started was using rechargeable batteries instead of the throw away kind. Thus reducing the amount of batteries we throw away by 90%. We also use less paper too. Because all our clients information is online we only have to print a day of itinerary as a back up source incase we loose internet.

Our contracts are also eSignture witch means we never have to print out another set for contracts for myself and the clients to sign. They can be saved online in a word document and stored in a digital format. Because of this we are happy to say that we have gone from using anywhere from 5 and 6 reams of paper to less that 1 ream per calendar year. This number only applies to office paperwork and my personal paper /battery usage for performance. When you add in the paperwork for our other DJ’s (4) this number jumps a lot higher.

This paper savings also applies to the client not having to print paper as well for an even greater reduction. In to what we do use is properly recycled and nit simply thrown away with the rest of the garbage. We strive to be efficient in every way we can. The less we use equals less demand and less production witch is better all around. As a small company it may not seem like much but when you add the just a few dozen small companies doing this convergence it does make a difference.

Thanks, for reading! DJ Pat