The Band VS The DJ

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I have been in this situation for years now. People have asked me what the pros and cons are to having a live band or a DJ for a wedding. Now of course I am a little bias because I am a DJ. But this Blog should help people that are in this quandary consider the choices and what works better for them. The disclosure of both band and DJ.



  • Awesome atmosphere like a concert
  • Provides a party feelings
  • Full live sound
  • Musician interaction
  • Furthers sing-a-longs


  • Expensive
  • Can’t play everything we want
  • The will not coordinate not emcee your event
  • More people to deal with 
  • Band requires more space
  • More power is required
  • Music will not sound like the original recording
  • Limited library of songs they can perform
  • Bands take breaks and when they do its either no music or they play a CD. If that’s the case music is not mixed and will have breaks between songs
  • No volume control on the drums. 


  • Less expensive than live entertainment
  • Can play any song we want
  • Less power requirements
  • Songs will sound like themselves and not like karaoke versions
  • Takes up less space than a band
  • Contusions mixed music never any dead air or breaks taken
  • We will emcee and help coordinate your event


  • Some DJ’s can be cheesy

Now if you have a HUGE budget, go for both! This way the band can play a 45 minute to an hour set, take a break and the DJ can come on and do another 45 to an hour set as well. But if this can’t happen then I say DJ all the way!

Thanks for reading!  DJ Pat