No You Tube Music

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When it comes to location music for your wedding ceremony or special reception song your wanting by a particular artist I cannot stress enough to NOT use YouTube as a source for music research and here are the reasons why. First off, sometime you might find a song that you like but in some cases either the artist or song title is mislabeled and not accurate. Then you try to locate the song through Amazon Or Itunes and you can’t find it. This happens quite a bit. Now why do I try to located the MP3 or WAV through Amazon and Itunes and not playing the track from You Tube? I never run the risk of streaming audio for ANY formality song or dance. Even if the signal is strong you never know. The transfer could still buffer at any time. Plus the audio quality is horrible. Now it may sound ok coming out of your laptop speakers at home but through a professional sound system it will sound horrible. The reason for the is when audio is loaded onto You Tube the compression of the file has to be low to maximize space on the You Tube server. Literally the music will sound like is coming out of a crappy AM radio. Please remember that as your DJ I want your event to go as sooth as possible and also sound amazing.

Thanks for reading! DJ Pat

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