Matt & Natalie 05-26-13

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Celebrating the wedding of Matt and Natalie was an amazing adventure. Heavily steeped in a film and TV background this celebration of marriage was of the most epic Hollywood productions. This ceremony and reception was truly amazing! Its nice when I have clients that are not just good people but also gifted with awesome imagination. Matt and Natalie knew exactly what they wanted and I will say that with everyone on board we delivered with all the enthusiasm of a A List production crew. Richard Roper sure to give this one an a+ !

Music score and lighting provided by DJ Pat of Sound Prodigy. Still images provided by True Photography. Cinematography masterfully crafted by Russell John films and all directed by Ann Stroble.

Congratulations Matt and Natalie!!!!! DJ Pat

Sound Prodigy – DJ Pat
True Photography
Russell John Films
Anns Plans – Ann Stroble