What if i want you to play longer on the night of the show?

I only book one show a day; therefore you have secured me for the whole day. If, when the show is over, you would like me to play longer, it will be at a discounted rate. Staying longer is very rarely an issue.

When does your paid time start?

Your paid time starts at the time arranged during our consultation. For example, during our consultation, if you decide that you want your event to start at 3:00pm, that is when your paid time will start. If I get there at 1:00pm to set up, I am not charging for that to give you the full amount of time. *If you meet a DJ that charges for set up Beware*

Do lighting and visual effects make a difference?

Most definitely they do. Lighting and fog add a sense of energy motion and atmosphere to a show. I have top of the line lighting effects for any occasion. From simple to the more advanced effects, I have everything from colored floodlights, black lights, disco ball, and plenty of other special lights to dance with. I also have fog, haze, bubble, and snow machines (foam). I also can supply simulated fire affects. I think that visual effects are well worth it for any show.

Do you have clean versions of songs?

Now I do not like to offend, that is why Sound Prodigy offers clean radio edits of all the music that you will hear. I purchase my hits from the largest subscriber of music to most of the radio stations from coast to coast. Anything that is NOT deemed acceptable by FCC (Federal Communications Commission) standards is not played. So rest assured, there will be NO foul language in my music.

Method of payment accepted?

Sound Prodigy currently accepts Visa/Master Card, Personal Checks, Company Checks, and Money Orders.