Disney Wedding Tip For Selecting Vendors

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Here is a Disney wedding tip that you might all enjoy. When selecting your Disney Fairy tale Weddings vendors, consider not only there passion for what they do in that perspective field, but also how they view Disney. If you have a vendor that’s passionate about the Disneyland brand, I believe that opens the door to many more creative options. As a DJ I want to inspire my clients. When I am creating music to set a mood or a theme to a wedding I try to give the bride & groom plenty of ideas. My creativity in selecting just the right music is what makes an event special and I know my clients really appreciate that.

People that want a Disney style wedding need the music to reflect for the overall feel. My clients can say all day long that they want a certain style of wedding. How they want the colors, centerpieces, décor Ect. But in most cases are unsure about the exact music they want. They either say something like Disney classic, or modern Disney. If you not schooled in the art of Disney magic you might be saying to yourself “What does that mean?” This wouldn’t be the case if I didn’t have that understanding and knowladge or such an extensive Disney library to choose from ( I have been collecting Disney music now for 30 years). It also gets me pumped when I am able to give them the selections my clients have never even thought of that they just absolutely adore! So weather it be a photographer, DJ, Florist, Cake decorator, Videographer, Stationary Designer and so on. Pick your professional that’s not only good at what they do, but someone that understands Disney magic!

Thanks for reading, DJ Pat

PS, Disney means the world to me and my family.