Ben & Mandy’s Disney Wedding 2013

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In May of 2013 I did a wedding at Disneyland for Ben and Mandy. Their wedding was a morning to afternoon ceremony and reception. I was up early, had an awesome breakfast at Steakhouse 55 (yes they serve breakfast too) I had a sunrise burrito and some OJ and I was ready to go! After setting up my equipment and getting my suit on I started walking the area around the ceremony site waiting for things to get going. Little did I know that the maid of honor was also the sister to Mandy and her identical twin. This girl (who I thought was the bride) came up to me and said hello and started talking to me about a dance request she wanted a little later. And ( with a puzzled look on my face) I am like… Mandy don’t you think you should be getting dressed into your gown? She laughed and said who she was and we both had a nice laugh! I have a picture of her in this blog as well with Mandy so you can see what I am talking about! They had their ceremony at the Rose Court Garden. The cocktail time was at the Adventure land Lawn and the reception was in the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion. I have done many wedding here in the past and its one of my favorite locations to perform in at Disneyland. Ben and Mandy were an amazing couple. The Disney staff was perfect as always and we sure did have one amazing afternoon! I have to point out that this cake was like nothing I had seen before! It incorporated Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto all in one amazing towered confection of awesomeness! Speaking of Awesomeness I also ended up working with Jenna from White Rabbit Photo Boutique. One of my personal favorites to work with when I am at Disneyland. Jenna is always on time, always prepared and keep good communication with me during the event to make sure that we are working together. She also has a love for Disney like I do and I think it shows in her work and makes her a more valuable assets as a result. If you have a look at her work you will know what I am talking about. Another Disney Fairytale wedding come true and I am so happy that I was able to help!

Thanks for reading!  DJ Pat

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