About DJ Pat

Calling San Diego, CA home, Pat “DJ Pat” Connolly is a man of many professions. He is a DJ, emcee, voice over actor, auctioneer and lighting designer. As a child, he had a passion for music, but little did he know this passion would be his future career. Seemingly going hand in hand with his passion for music, he also has a love for special effects lighting and design.

In 1992, Pat began working in the night club industry. It was through this work that his love for music, combined with the entertainment industry, fueled his passion in a new and exciting direction. While working in the clubs, Pat quickly learned it was not just about the music, but he also had to get on the microphone and interact with people. He had to make announcements, promote the club, advertise drink specials, etc. He took to this very quickly and began to hone his skills on the small scale. In 1997, “DJ Pat” was born.

A year later, Pat went to Qualcomm Stadium with a DJ friend to audition to be the new announcer for the SD Padres home games. After taking his turn at the mic, he immediately got a standing ovation with applause. The organization contacted Pat for an interview, which he declined. He was not a baseball fan, but even moreso, he did not want to take the opportunity away from his friend. As much as he enjoyed being an emcee and announcer, he just knew this was not the right fit.

While at that audition, Pat met a gentleman who was a voice-over actor, something he encouraged Pat to look into it. Pat took this man’s advice, and eventually studied under Beverly Bremers, one of the most successful voiceover actresses and coaches in the nation. (Ironically, Beverly also had a connection to Disney, something Pat later became involved with.) He spent the next year learning how to use his voice in ways he never even imagined. This inspired Pat to begin auditioning for radio and TV spots whenever he could, while still being a successful club DJ.

After working in several night clubs with less-than-stellar lighting systems, Pat began altering lighting fixtures so that he could present them in different ways. He improvised with what he had, and was creating lighting effects and presentations that everyone came to love. VOILA! A lighting design enthusiast was born.

In 1999, Pat hired a mobile DJ to perform at his wedding reception. It was this experience that completely changed his outlook on creative entertainment. Pat and his guests had such a great time at the wedding, all thanks to the DJ. This experience had such an effect on him, that Pat later contacted the DJ to inquire about what it would take to become a wedding professional. The DJ offered some advice, but was unable to commit to teaching. He was active military, and was about to leave for duty. Pat did not let this keep him from pursuing his new passion though. He quickly became acquainted with a well-known San Diego DJ, who ironically had the desire to work in the night club scene. Seeing opportunity here, he made a deal with the DJ. Pat would go on to teach him how to run a successful nightclub operation, and in return, the DJ taught Pat the art of entertaining a wedding reception. In 2000, Sound Prodigy was born.

Pat invested a great deal of time, money and energy on knowledge and equipment, so that he could transform these venues into magical places. This quickly turned into an obsession, as he was always thinking of ways he could wow his audience with new lighting effects. Whether it be a DJ gig, or performing at a night club, Pat gave his all to create the perfect lighting environment. Seeing the positive response he was getting to his creative lighting effects, as well as his DJ skills, Pat knew this was his calling. So much so, that he retired from the night club industry in 2005, to focus on being a full time mobile wedding DJ.

In 2007, Pat became acquainted with Blisslights, a lighting company that would soon become one of the premier laser design company’s in the world. They have designed effects for companies such as Sea World, Universal Studios, and Disneyland, just to name a few. Unbeknownst to Pat, Blisslights had also taken a mutual interest in him. They had seen the YouTube videos of the lighting and design he does and invited him to their headquarters, where they offered him a position with the company. They recognized his natural talent, and wanted to utilize him as the company’s product specialist and onsite demonstrator (which he still currently does) and Pat is honored to be a part of their team.

While continuing to hone his DJ skills, Pat also wanted to understand the other aspects of making a wedding ceremony/reception go off without a hitch. Along with understanding music programming and truly embracing the wedding design and flow, his goal was to create the ultimate wedding experience for not just his clients, but for their guests too. Isn’t that what a performer is supposed to do?

All of the hard work Pat has put into his business is definitely not without recognition. Along with the amazing reviews and numerous awards he has received, he is also considered to be one of the top professionals in his industry, being categorized in the top 5% of all wedding professionals in Southern California. Pat is also an active member of The San Diego Disc Jockey Association (SDDJA), which is here to raise the level of professionalism and to establish performance and ethical standards in the Mobile Disc Jockey industry.

Aside from performing between 85 and 95 weddings a year, Pat also does company parties, birthday parties, holiday parties, and school functions. He continues to work with demo lighting and design, and continues to not only inspire, but to have an amazing time. All by simply following his dream.


Client Review for Pat

“We had the pleasure of working with DJ Pat from Sound Prodigy for our wedding in October. From our first meeting we knew we wanted him at our wedding ceremony and reception. His online planning system makes organizing all of the audio for your ceremony and reception a breeze and the guest recommendation feature was something our guests enjoyed having access to prior to the big day. In addition, Sound Prodigy was the most reasonably priced DJ we found by far. DJ Pat coordinated all of our day of transitions from the ceremony to our grand entrance to the first dance, cake cutting and beyond. The night was flawless from our perspective and our guests were on the dance floor from the moment dinner ended to the moment our buses arrived to return guests to the hotel. We’ve been married for a month now and still have guests telling us what a great time they had at our wedding, much of which I attribute to the work of Sound Prodigy and DJ Pat.”