100 Review Club

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So happy and excited to be in the 100 review club. What this basically means is that over the last 3 years I have been publically asking my clients to donate some time to write a review of my performance after the fact. This helps me a great deal because this is how future clients gage how I do things and builds a strong foundation of trust with the client and myself.

Lets face it, this day is so important to people that they really want to be sure they are getting the quality of a professional DJ, Wedding Specialist and lighting designer. And not just a good sales pitch and cheap price. In reading past reviews you will notice that I really take the time and cater to the needs of every client and make them feel that I value the quality and flow of their wedding just as much as I do.

Now at this point I do have (date of this posting) I have 126 weddings recorded however, I have sent about a lot more request that I get reviews backs. Some clients that just feel like the wedding is over so they don’t need to involve themselves in it and that’s fine. This blog and recognition goes out to all the awesome people that have taken the time to write that review and give me the continued success that I hold today.

THANK YOU ALL!!!!!! Love DJ Pat